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Concrete5 Sites Development

In this web 2.0 era, people don’t create a website but a community site. Whether you are looking for online community site for your company or want to create another community site like Facebook or Myspace, you got the right address.


Welcome to C5 Desk, we specialize in building community websites using the powerful open source content management system Concrete5!. Concrete5 is an excellent open source content management system used to make powerful websites. Though the process of making Concrete5 site is still in its infancy, but the popularity is growing. At C5 Desk, we can develop a site using different Concrete5 add-ons.


Why use Concrete5?

Several other open source content management systems are also used to make sites. However, if you want to expand functionality on your website the , you might face a little problem. Concrete5 being the most powerful content management system comes with an enormous list of add-ons. There are over lods of Concrete5 add-ons available now to bring your website to the next networking level.


Concrete5 community website features:

  •  Beautiful interface with Pure CSS and XHTML
  • Multiple Blogging component support
  • Improvised user front end control
  • Highly extensible
  • Multiple Forum CMS support Fireboard, PHPBB, SMF
  • Private messaging system
  • Easy to design Templates
  • Multilingual support
  • User Relationship management
  • Photo Management
  • Hardened Security
  • Lods of more functionality is possible


Build a site that remains on the edge of technology with Concrete5. Your business can reach a higher and better status with a Concrete5 community site. We can make that happen!


We will offer you the best Concrete5 site designing service at the best price.