HTML To Concrete5 Conversions

Are you still using the old HTML website? Maybe it is time for a change. Convert your old HTML site to Concrete5 CMS site if you want to stay ahead of your competitors. With the Concrete5 website, you will be able to manage and update the content on website at ease and that too at minimum cost. At C5 desk, we have experts who can help you to convert HTML to Concrete5 site.

Concrete5 is a largely used open source content management system based on MySQL / PHP. Several personal websites, corporate websites, blogs, forums, online communities and networks have installed Concrete5 for stability, easy usage and flexibility.

Concrete5 being open source tool offers several advantages. Below stated are the benefits offered:

Changing content pages is easy using Concrete5 1.5 CMS

Create a new look for your website within a few minutes by using the Concrete5 templating feature.

Edit/Change/Delete website menu, content pages, images and much more

Various Concrete5 add-ons are available, thus enhancing your website functionality and looks to a new height

Concrete5 allows easy changing of modules as per the need.

With Concrete5, assigning different looks / templates for various pages is possible.

With so many advantages offered Concrete5, migrating from HTML to Concrete5 now is a great idea to achieve maximum potential of your site.

To convert static HTML website to the dynamic Concrete5 website, you can:

Firstly, provide with the HTML pages of present website.

Then, list down all changes that you probably want to make in the current website.

There you go! The HTML site will be converted into Concrete5 CMS.

Convert HTML to Concrete5 templates and enjoy all features that Concrete5 can offer. All you need to do is provide us with the details of your website. Contact us now!